Today, in "shopping" section, I'd like to introduce you to one amazing online store that I discovered recently. It is called

 At you can find various hair extensions in different sizes, colors, lengths and textures. Clip in hair extensions, micro loop, wave hair, bonded hair, wigs etc. they got all covered.

Clip in hair extensions is the most popular human hair extensions,they provide clip in hair extensions from 15 inch to 28 inch,with weight from 70g-160g to meet different request. Customers like its convenience to wear and take off. Another thing all the material is I00% Indian remy hair with top quality to make its better feeling.It is also the easiest hair extensions to wear and take many female like wearing clip in hair extensions.

Hair weave is also called hair weft,hair weave is very popular hair extensions,black women like it very much,white women like it gradually for make DIY clip in hair extensions.our hair weave made of 100% Indian Remy hair with length from 12-28 inch,more than ten kinds of color to choose. Body wave hair weave is aslo the popular one.Our hair weave extensions with soft silky feeling,No shedding,tangle free.Indian hair weave are considered the best hair to make hair weave for its soft feeling,Natural looking,All our hair weave made of Indian Remy hair to confirm high quality.

Micro hair extensions are particularly famous among African-American females but are also becoming a hit with everyone else. Why a number of consumers are patronizing micro ring hair extensions is because it adds versatility to styling. It can either be used as a protective device while growing natural hair or simply to make a change in one's looks. Micro ring hair extensions are best for people who have thin hair that makes clip in hair extensions not possible. People who have problems styling their short hair could also benefit from these hair extensions.


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 Hey girls, how are you? Today in "shopping" section I'd like to share with you some newest swimwear from an online store called BEDDING INN. They have a huge range of beautiful, fun and on-trend swimwear. Pages and pages of gorgeous, designs. Any swimsuit you want, they have all styles covered and all the pieces come at super low prices. They have stocked the latest sexy swimsuits for you to choose from in different styles, colors and patterns to meet everyone's needs and taste. 

When buying swimsuits, always think about the comfort first, because if you're not comfortable in it, no matter how sexy the suit might be, your lack of confidence and comfort will dim the sexy light. The second point is making sure you choose a swimsuit that compliment your body well, taking into consideration the fabric and colour. You might wanna consider getting a suit that will flatter your good assets and also for the right purpose. Depending on how sexy you want to go, BEDDING INN has a suit to fit your taste. So check out these sexy bathing suits from BEDDING INN and you'll surely find the perfect one for yourself.


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Jos jedna divna saradnja sa sajtom
 Kao sto sam vec pisala u OVOM postu ovde,oni se bave online prodajom srebrnog nakita i raznih aksesoara. 
Ja sam ovoga puta izabrala malo drugaciji model narukvice, nego sto ste videli u OVOM postu. 
Necu puno da duzim sa pisanjem,svakako ispod fotografija ostavljam vam linkove do narukvice i do privezaka i mozete pogledati njihovu raznovrsnu ponudu.